Seminar: Introduction to Rights of Light March 2020

Delva Patman Redler’s Senior Partner Alistair Redler will be leading a seminar on Introduction to Rights of Light for the RICS on 3rd March 2020. Held in Canterbury, the seminar will run from 5:45 to 7:15pm. For more information and to book your tickets click here.

Rights of light is a particular easement that gives one landowner a right to enjoy natural light passing over the land of another without unreasonable interference. With increasing urbanisation and land uses at higher development densities, chartered surveyors are called upon to assess the impact of projects on light received by surrounding property.

Understanding the legal principles and established practice provides a grounding to identify the potential for a scheme to bring about rights of light infringements and to steer Client’s on options, technical assessment, mitigation and managing associated risks.

This seminar will cover some of the essentials in this niche area of practice, including:
  • How rights of light are established and conversely extinguished
  • The legal concept of nuisance or interference
  • The transferability of rights
  • The role of the surveyor – quantitative assessment
  • Update on current practice – measurement and valuation of light
  • Mitigation
  • Legal update and trends

Alistair Redler is Senior Partner of Delva Patman Redler LLP Chartered Surveyors.  Delva Patman Redler is a recognised specialist in fields of neighbour law, including party walls, rights of light, daylight/sunlight and boundary disputes.

Alistair has a BSc with commendation in Building Surveying, became an Associate Member of the RICS in 1989 and a Fellow in 1997.  Alistair worked for building surveying and multi-disciplinary practices undertaking a range of building surveying projects.  He joined this practice in 1993 and became a partner in 1994, since when he has increasingly specialised in neighbour law matters.  Alistair became Senior Partner in 2013

Alistair is a past Chairman of the RICS Boundaries and Party Walls Working Group and was Chairman of the Working Group that wrote the current RICS Guidance Note “Party Wall Legislation and Procedure”.  He is also the author of The Practical Neighbour Law Handbook published by RICS Books.  He is contributing author to the leading legal textbook on party walls.  He is a frequently invited speaker on party walls and has lectured for the RICS around the country.  He is past Chairman and past National Secretary of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, the principal organisation for party wall surveyors.