EG Podcasts – Bricks & Mortar: From architecture to party wall surveying, Shirley Waldron reflects on her career

Shirley Waldron, partner at Delva Patman Redler LLP started her career as an architect, before developing a career in party wall surveying. In EG’s latest episode of Bricks & Mortar, she reflects on how she made the change and her career highlight to date: acting as party wall surveyor for the Crossrail project.

Shirley tells EG’s Sarah Jackman what it’s like to work on a major infrastructure project, what she learned during that time and how there is huge satisfaction to be derived from completing a qualification. She urges “anyone who is thinking of getting into the construction industry to learn a discipline and see it through … so that you can hold your head up with your peers.”

Listen to the full podcast here.