Rights of Light


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Rights of Light

Right of Light

Rights of Light is an easement that entitles a building to a minimum adequate level of sky visibility. To have a right to light the building must be of sufficient age, or have been granted the right by legal agreement. Rights of Light is a very specialist area of law that most surveyors have little working knowledge of, but which is of key importance for developments in city centres and other urban areas. Advice is often required at short notice and it is essential for a surveyor to have sufficient legal knowledge and technical expertise to be able to advise, based on desktop calculations as well as computer analysis. A surveyor must also have a good understanding of a client’s likely needs and the legal remedies available when a right to light injury is caused. Our specialist computer program allows us to provide accurate and detailed advice on scheme designs, and our experience allows us to assist architects and developers with optimizing building massing.

Our experienced team headed by Stuart Gray in London, Delwyn Jones in Liverpool and Chris Harris in Bristol advise on rights of light on a daily basis, and are recommended by leading solicitors and barristers in the field. Stuart Gray, Lok Tang and Chris Harris are also specialists in computer right to light calculations. 3D computer modelling and analysis is undertaken by our in-house technical team managed by Aidan Cosgrave and Lok Tang. We do not outsource any technical analysis.

Our in house Measured Survey department headed by Brian Bevis provides accurate and efficient support for the rights of light studies, ensuring prompt receipt of survey data and production of base 3D models for the technical team to use.