Measured Survey


Delva Patman Redler has particular specialist expertise that makes us market leaders in our field.

Measured Survey

Most successful projects start with an accurate record of existing site conditions. Our in-house measured survey department can deliver a whole range of survey solutions to meet that need in a timely manner and to the highest standards of accuracy. Using the very latest laser scanning equipment and GPS technology, our experienced team can provide survey information in 2D, such as topographical survey plans, sections and elevations. Alternatively, more sophisticated data can be delivered in 3D format ideal for ROL modelling, visualisation or as a foundation for BIM solutions.

Having this in-house department ensures that we can provide prompt and effective support to our in house team that undertakes the specialist right to light and daylight/sunlight calculations, and for our surveyors advising on boundary determination. It helps clients by removing the need for them to separately source survey work, and the delay that can cause to the start of our analysis work. We can also assist the clients and project teams we work with by providing fully comprehensive survey services for the whole project team to make use of.

Head of department Brian Bevis has over 30 years of experience in the measured survey field and can offer advice for schemes ranging from domestic boundary establishment to iconic city developments. At Delva Patman Redler we understand that as projects become more complex and challenging, we need to respond with efficient turnarounds of the most detailed and accurate information.