Daylight & Sunlight


Delva Patman Redler has particular specialist expertise that makes us market leaders in our field.

Daylight & Sunlight

Increasingly in the UK, local planning authorities will not consider a planning application without considering the impact it will have on daylight and sunlight to neighbouring properties.  New residential properties need also to demonstrate that they meet the appropriate criteria. This is calculated by reference to the Building Research Establishment guidelines. Our experienced team headed by Stuart Gray in London, Delwyn Jones in Liverpool and Chris Harris in Bristol have acknowledged experience in undertaking these calculations and providing reports, including negotiating with planning authorities. Our specialist computer software allows us to provide accurate and detailed advice on scheme designs, and our experience allows us to assist architects with optimizing building massing.

Aidan Cosgrave, Delwyn Jones, Chris Harris and Stuart Gray can act as expert witnesses at planning enquiries. We are regularly engaged by local authorities to check and verify reports submitted by applicants.

3D computer modelling and analysis is undertaken by our in-house technical team managed by Aidan Cosgrave and Lok Tang. We do not outsource any technical analysis. Our in house Measured Survey department headed by Brian Bevis provides accurate and efficient support for the daylight and sunlight studies, ensuring prompt receipt of survey data and production of base 3D models for the technical team to use.