The Dilapidations Protocol applies to commercial property in England and Wales.  Dilapidations are a deterioration in the physical state of a building from that which is required by the covenants stated within its commercial lease, both during and after the term. Each lease has differing clauses; some express and others implied.  These guide the Landlord on the condition in which they can expect the premises to be returned and the Tenant on what they are obligated to do prior to any break or lease end. Typically, with regard to repair, redecoration, reinstatement etc. We work to prepare and assess dilapidations claims, as well as procuring dilapidations works on site.

Timothy Grierson BSc(Hons) MRICS specialises in Dilapidations for Landlords and Tenants and would be pleased to discuss any case, irrespective of whether you are at lease commencement or expiry.