Seminar roundup: How to Minimise Neighbourly Matters Exposure

A big thanks to all those who attended our seminar this week on ‘How to Minimise neighbourly Matters Exposure. It was a great event, made exceptional by all our guests.

After an introduction from Delva Patman, Partners Alistair Redler, Rob French and Head of Measured Surveying Brian Bevis took us through ensuring efficiency in Rights of Light and Neighbourly Matters, ending with an insight into the world of Measured Surveying and how to add value through innovation.

Alistair explained what is a right to light, how to determine if a right to light exists and what are the key client requirements, including: certainties on being able to build; certainty of costs; build programme; financial exposure and maximising value, concluding that assessing the rights of light for any development project should be started as early as possible in the planning process in order to avoid costly delays.

Next, Rob French guided the attendees through technical issues and practicalities surrounding Party Wall Matters, Access to Neighbouring Land, Boundary Disputes and Adaptive Strategy. Rob stressed the need to get buy in from the design team at an early stage in the building process, reminding us that information flow is key, as is the close liaison between contractors engineers and other parties involved in any development and transparency with adjoining owners.

And last, but most certainly not least, Brian Bevis demonstrated the advancements in technology used to survey. With his smart laser technology, Brian surveyed the audience at the Royal Society of Chemistry in the fantastic setting of the library, in real time, showing the detail that can be picked up with the advanced tools used by the Measured Surveys team within Delva Patman Redler, a vital part of the building process.

For more information on any of the topics discussed at the seminar, or to speak to any of the Delva Patman Redler team, please contact or click here for team details.