Party Walls

In England and Wales, works to party walls, and excavations close to neighbouring buildings are governed by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.  Notice must be served  for relevant works and when an adjoining owner dissents to a notice the two owners have to either agree the appointment of a surveyor, or each appoint a surveyor, to resolve the matters in dispute.  It is important that any surveyor appointed has a good working knowledge of the Party Wall Act, and a good knowledge of construction detailing and practice.  Alistair Redler, Delwyn Jones, Rob French, Suzanne Leo and Shirley Waldron fulfil this role on a daily basis along with our team of experienced surveyors.

Party Wall surveyors must select a Third Surveyor to refer to if they are unable to agree any matter, and the Third Surveyor should therefore have the knowledge and experience to settle disputes that the appointed surveyors cannot resolve.  Alistair Redler is one of the country’s most frequently selected Third Surveyors.  He is also a past National Chairman and past National Secretary of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, the principal organisation for party wall professionals, and Delva was one of the original members.  Shirley Waldron is current Vice Chair of the National Pyramus and Thisbe Club and Chair of the Sussex branch whilst Delwyn Jones and Suzanne Leo are Chairman and Secretary of the North West branch of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club.